5 and 2 ton Beebe type winches
5 ton Beebe type winch $1,612.80 each with crank handle. Call for availability, price subject to change per factory. Usually can be sent out the next day. Photo below (yellow winch). 2 ton units are also available new. I have new crank handles for the 5 ton and new cranks for the 2 ton in stock right now . I sell the 5 ton cranks for $320 each and the 2 ton cranks for $290 each. See photo below of typical five ton handle against 12 inch floor tile (for scale).

I have an unused 2 ton with a 6" drum. Photo available, just ask. $750.
I have five each of the 5 ton winches, used, with 16" drums and new cranks handles, $1,250 each. (only two left)
I have unused disc brake (ratcheting) handles for the five ton and two ton winches. I also have an anchor bar for installing either disc brake handle. These handles are neat and a lot safer, although more expensive. $400 each. Anchor bar $75 each.

Contact Jac Cloutier at 985-384-9517