Clyde Iron Works Inc.
Three Drum Waterfall Hoist / Winch
Approximate size of a Frame 7 hoist.
Serial # 10333, with third drum attachment Serial # 18855
Detroit Diesel 471  power unit with Allison Torque Converter
Belt driven intermediate drive shaft
Chain driven secondary drive shaft with chain box.
Mild steel frame.
Manual Controls are removed but included.
Console removed.
Extended drum shaft on middle drum, no cathead installed.
Poor paint, moderate rust, no rust-through problems or severe pitting problems noted.
Approx 8' wide, 9' High and 19' Long
About 20,000 pounds.
28" Drum lengths (between flanges).
18" Drum Barrels
Front drum is shallower, the flange is between 6 and 9" depending on where you measure it.
Middle and rear drums are deeper, flanges are between 8.5" and 12" depending on where you measure.
If you look at the first pic below you will see the drum is vented under the brake bands, the smaller measurement is taken below the vent
The larger measurement is taken above the vent, just below the brake band.  The drum will hold cable through the vented area with no problem
right up to the bands, will be a lot of cable and will cut down on the line pull and increase the line speed.

The shafts which go through the drums are 4.5" in diameter!!!

Needs some attention but with that would be a serviceable unit with high pull.
Can be inspected at 5917 Hwy 90 East in Broussard, LA, 70518
Call @ 985-384-9517 or
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Price $11,000 + crane load out ....a lot of iron for the buck!!!