Allan Cunningham Marine Anchor Windlass
Manf. April 1928
Type WM
Size 0
Serial # 1499
1/2 HP motor
DC electric, works on 12V, probably better on 24VDC
Horizontal Capstan head
Horizontal Chain Whelp with freefall and hand wheel brake.
The casting (housings) parts are finished rough. This is original and I did not try to fair any of it out. It is not as smooth a finish as is generally acceptable in modern manufacturing. It has held up wonderfully for being 90 years old though.

No visible wear on any bearings, bushings, shafts or gears. Both worm gear and worm shaft are steel. All shafts fit tightly in their over-sized 1928 brass bushings. Thrust bearings are ball type and are good to go another 80 years. Wormshaft on unit designed to take thrust in both directions. Double gear reduction, with spur gear set as primary and worm gear set as secondary. I have close-up photos of the gears, just ask!

Automatic positive pawl dog on the chain whelp, can be held off to drop the anchor. Brass jaw clutch on chain whelp to release it for free fall or if you wish to turn capstan head only, while leaving anchor stationary. Very helpful feature when docking. Also has double bollard on top of unit.

Recent recondition to include disassembly, degreasing, sandblasting, priming, painting bearing/bushing check and/or replace, gasket/seal check or replace, split case shimming, gear back lash check, bearing pre-load check, gear and shaft bead blasting and inspection, motor reconditioning, replacement of all bolts with stainless steel, polishing and protecting of all brass parts, new wire leads, test run.

According to what I could find, Mr. Cunningham sold his shop in 1907 to Pacific Machine Shop & Manufacturing Co.. Pacific Machine Shop was acquired in 1936 by Markey, which is still in business. This unit is marked 1928 by Allan Cunningham, so I guess he re-opened his shop. Check out

Unit lacks a chain stripper. I plan on making one for it and painting it to match. I am told it was working fine without one.
Perfect unit for an historical display or to enhance your classic vessel restoration.
7/16th's chain seems to fit the best. 3/8" seems too small and 1/2" seems too large.
I bought a piece from (WM part # 9168287) for $6.45 / ft.
This 7/16th's G40 chain has a working pull of 7200 LB and a breaking strength of 21,600 #.
It weights an average of 2.05 pounds a foot.

Located at 5917 Hwy 90 East in Broussard, LA 70518

Will ship crated, at about 250 pounds, as class 77.5 freight, from 70518

Should be in a museum, but you can put it on your boat for $3,600.00
Call at 985-518-9517 or

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