Various Unused Aluminum Hatches and Portlights (portholes), Scuttles and Aluminum Watertight Doors

New, unused surplus from Halter Shipbuilding - Gulfport, MS..
Numbered 1-40, Descriptions follow by item number.
*Note Items 3, 5 and 11-18 have weld-on steel coamings.
Prices vary. Located Morgan City warehouse.
Contact: (985) 384-9517

Hatches Currently Available: 4, 7, 8, 9, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36 

1- Watertight aluminum door for 24" x 48" opening, measures 49 3/4" x
25 3/4", has 4 stainless steel dogs, has two hinges mounts each 2" wide
with 31 3/8" inside between the two. Takes two 3/8" pins to mount, has
two s.s. grease zerts. Appears new and unused surplus. Sold

2- Aluminum scuttle cover. 42' x 28 3/4" overall. Has three ears to accept
screw type dogs. Has two slotted hinge mounts and one handle.
Lightweight, solid. Your opening will be about 26 3/4" x 40". Dusty
but unhurt! Sold

3- Oval flush hatch. Baier, Portland, OR., Pat.# 3209663. Wrench type,
wrench included. Hasgalvanized steel coaming. Hinged cover. New
unused. With stainless guts. Quick acting.SOLD

4- Baier, Flush hatch, Portland, Or.. Aluminum, 20" clear, cover measures
22", Outer diameter of aluminum coaming is 27 1/4", wrenchless design
with stainless T-handle and guts, quick acting. New, unused- SOLD

5- Oval flush hatch- Painted steel coaming, aluminum cover with spring assist,
clear opening 22.5" x16", four dog, quick acting, hand wheel inside,
slotted dog bolt topside, accepts "T"-wrench. New, unused SOLD

6- Aluminum square raised hatch. Freeman, Gold Beach, Or., Model 2426 SF,
Wrenchless designis missing handle and dog bolt. Quick acting, four dog
design. Aluminum coaming #9667-003- 2426. Clear opening is 24" x 26",
cover measures 25.5" x 27.5". New, unused SOLD!

7- Byrne, Rice and Turner were the vendors for this one. 18" Round flush
hatch. All aluminumwith coaming. Has recessed handle. Quick acting
with three dogs, has slotted dog bolt topside (requires "T" wrench) and
hand wheel inside ( which is cast aluminum and broken). Should be very
easy to replace small wheel. New, Unused $225 as-is.

8- Very similiar to #7, except 20" clear with 22" cover, Good shape new,
unused, $300.

9- Same as #8, $300

10- Freeman, Gold Beach, Or., Round hatch cover for flush hatch, no
coaming, Aluminum, 4 dog quick acting, wrenchless. For 24" clear
opening, Measures about 26". Appears new, SOLD

11-18 - Cen-Tex Marine 16" Steel Back Portlites ( 8ea.). Brass with
aluminum deadlites and painted steel spigots for weld-in place
applications. Have brass screens for insects.Four dog bolt
design (brass) . Will weld into 17 5/8" hole. Heavy glass, great
condition! Appear new, unused. $400ea.(ALL 8 UNITS

19-26 - Cen-Tex Marine 12" portlites (7ea.). All Aluminum construction,
all have aluminum deadlites. Stainless steel insect screens. Bolt
in design, 1/2 boss will fit into 12 3/8" hole. 16" overall dia. Requires
12 ea. 1/2" bolts to mount. Four dog design uses aluminum dog
bolts and wing nuts. $250ea. 6 Remaining. One of them needs a bolt and a pin.
As of 6/05/06, these are all sold.

27-31 - Covers for raised scuttles, All aluminum, welded. Five ea., have
two hinge mounts for 1/2" bolts. Overal diminsions 21.5" square.
4" flange will fit over your 4" or greater coaming with rubber
installed. Your coaming should be 19" x 19" O.D.(max). Each
has three ears for your screw dogs and one handle. Solid, dusty
but great shape. $75ea.

32-33 - 18" raised aluminum bolt down hatch. overall diameter 22.5".
Cover is chain attached to coaming. 2.5" high aluminum
coaming. Approx 3" high total w/no gasket. Requires 20ea.
bolts, holes are drilled 3/4". Looks like 5/16 plate. New,
unused. One sold. $125ea.

34 - Aluminum Oval watertight door/hatch. Has aluminum coaming, two
hinges w/brass 3/4" x 3" pins. Pins have s.s. cotter pins to retain.
Two dogs.Clear opening 15" x 31". Overall dim.: 36.5" x 21".
New, unused SOLD

35 - Aluminum square raised hatch. Four dog, quick acting, 20" x 20" clear
opening. Cover measures 22" square. 4" coaming , two hinges with s.s.
3/4 x 3" pins inside wheel handle topside has a standard hex head bolt
which would require a 1 1/8" socket. Very nice, New condition, unused

36-37 - Freeman Model 18 (covers only). Aluminum. Wrenchless design.
Quick acting with 3dogs. No coamings. Covers measure 20" in

38 - Baier 18" Aluminum flush hatch with aluminum coaming, Unused, new,
wrench type with wrench. Cover 20" diameter, coaming 25.5" diameter.

39 - Baier Aluminum flush hatch, oval 15 x 24, wrenchless design, overall
30.5" x 21.5", withaluminum coaming. New, unused Sold

40 - Baier Aluminum flush hatch, oval 15" x 24", wrench type, with wrench,
aluminum coaming. New, unused SOLD. I have an additional aluminum
coaming that fits this hatch, new,

New Hatch, photo below:

Railway Specialties Corp 30" x 24" clear opening, Raised Quick Acting Aluminum Scuttle, four dog, Spring Balanced, with locking lid. Locks for safety in oipen position so that it does not slam closed on someone. Built of marine aluminum coaming with marine aluminum lid and hinges, mostly non-ferrous small parts including bronze wheels, main shaft or bolt of stainless steel managnese bronze spring and pins of bronze with brass or bronze cotter pins. Must have been built for a mine sweeper. Never used, never welded on in like new condition without the factory lead time. A lifetime hatch here. New estimated between $1600-$2300, buy it right for $900. Photo below, more available by email:

aluminum scuttle