Billboard Advertising Space
Cloutier Billboards LLC now has available advertising space (subject to availability) on their new
"bulletin" sized, double stacked billboard (outdoor advertising structure) at our Broussard, LA yard at 5917 Hwy 90 E..  The unit is 60' tall (the legal max).   Each face is 28' tall x 36' wide (1008 Square feet).
The panels are illuminated from dusk to dawn by four automatic flood lights per face.   The structures design uses a single center support pipe and it is all painted black in color except for the galvanized panels. which are behind the vinyl.
There is a built-in "vee" of approximately 12' to ease viewing from the travel lanes.  Approaches are clear from each direction.
The local office of the DOT reports 24,822 vehicles per day passing this location.  As of this time, on the same side of the highway, the nearest "off-site" advertising structure to the north is approximately 1.1 miles, the nearest to the south is approximately .6 miles.
This area has  recently been permitted for off-site advertising structures.  Ours is one of the first and it is predominately located atop a slight ridge.

We have gotten a lot of complimentary comments on the sign and it appears to be doing what it was intended to do, get noticed!!

Please call to inquire about rates and availability.
@ (985) 384-9517

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