Various smaller loose and mounted sheaves (19" and smaller) (PHOTO BELOW)

1) 19"OD, (2 each), for 1" wire rope, 2.175 wide, roller bearings installed for 3.5" shaft, solid plate, with shaft.

2) 17.5" OD, Cast steel, solid with holes, 2.5" bushed bore, 3" hub length, 2.25" wide, 1.25" wire rope.

3) 14" OD, Vertical mounted, for 1" wire rope, 1.624 wide, 2.75" bore, solid cast steel with holes, mounted with angle iron doublers for base.

4) 13.75" OD, (3 each), for 7/8" wire rope, 1.85" wide, 2" hub length, 3" bushed bore, cast steel, solid with holes. SOLD

5)13" OD, (3 each) cut/machined from plate, for .75" wire rope, 1.9" wide, bushed with 2" bore, have spoke design. see below for photo (yellow spoked)

6) 11" OD, Cast steel, solid with holes, accepts either 7/8"-3/4" or 5/8" wire rope (has been gauged with photos available), 1.869 wide, have both a bearing and a bushing, 1.232 bore, 2.25 hub length. May be able to get a quantity of these sheaves.

wire rope sheave

Photo Below is a 19" OD cast steel construction with holes and spoked gusset type reinforcements.
It has a 6.5" bore with an old race installed for a double tapered roller bearing. The hub has a 9" OD
and a 3.25" hub length. The thickness of the sheave is 2" at the outter rim or OD. It is for 1" wire rope.
$500 / painted with old bearing race pressed out.
wire rope sheave

Photo below is one of two (2 each) identical loose sheaves. These are 17.75" OD with a 4.5" bore which
currently has an old needle roller bearing installed. The hub OD is 9" and the hub length is 2.25" These
sheaves are 2" wide at the OD or outer rim. They are cast steel construction with holes and are for 7/8"
wire rope. $500 each / painted with bearings removed.
wire rope sheave

Photo below is of one of three (3 each) 19 7/8" OD solid sheaves, These have 4.5" bores with old bearings installed and a 5"+ OD on the hub. The hub length is 2.25 and the sheaves are 2" wide at their OD or
outer rim. These are for 1 1/8" wire rope. $600 each/painted with bearings pressed out.
crane sheave

Photo below, one each 17.25" OD sheave with a 3" bronze bushed bore. The hub has a 5" OD
and a 2.5" hub length. The sheave is 2" wide at the OD or outer rim. This is a spoked cast sheave for
7/8" wire rope. It also has a 3" shaft through it that is about 2' long with a plate near one end. $250wire rope sheaves

Photo Below is of a mounted vertical sheave. It has a 9" OD. It is a solid sheave made from flat plate.
It is 1.25" wide at it's OD or outer rim. It takes 3/8" wire rope. The hub length is 2" and the shaft is 1.5".
It has sealed ball bearings installed which are in great shape. The whole unit is 10" high. The base is
7.5" x 4.5" and is 3/4" thick. The holes measure .680 and are on a 6" x 2.75" rectangular pattern. The sides
are 3/4 plate which is gussetted at the bottoms and which tapers to 1/2" thick near the tops. $250
vertical sheave

Photo below, one each vertical mounted deck sheave. Has base plate with four mounting holes and old bolts with nuts. Has two each top located deadmen, or place pin through and use together as one deadman. Rolls very very easily. Shaft is retained and has a grease zerk. Good unit. Takes 5/8" and 3/4" wire rope (gauged it). $600
wire rope sheave

Photo below, four each 10" diameter sheaves for 1/2" or 9/16ths" wire rope. 5/8" will fit also but it is tight and not suggested. These sheaves have been gauged and I can email you photos of gauging. These four sheaves are currently mounted in a boom equalizer spreader bar. This came off of a motor crane. All sheaves turn. Offered as a unit at $350/all, Sheaves can be removed and offerred individually for $150 each.
deck sheaves

Photo below is a spoked yellow sheave cut from 2" thick steel plate. I have three identical. These are 12.75" OD, 11.25" ID. The bushed bore ID is 2", the hub OD is 4.25", the hub length is 2" the sheave width throughout is 2". These run 5/8 or 3/4" wire (both). Bushings are excellent. I have a shaft bored for greasing the three together. Drilled for grease zerks, pipe plugs installed. Removed from crane hook. $250 each.

cable sheave

Photo below is of a spoked blue sheave. I have nine (9) identical. These are 13.5" OD, 11.5" ID with a 3.75" plain bore. The hub OD is 5", the hub length is 2", the sheave width at the outside edge is 2". These run 3/4" wire rope. They all have grease zerks installed. They have never been used. Price is $250 each.
wire rope sheave

Photo below is of a spoked grey sheave. I have four total. Two of which are identical to the photo, two of which have bushings installed that also have thrust washers on both sides (made as part of the bushings). All four are 16 3/8" OD, 13.25" ID. The hub diameter on all four is 4 3/8". The two with plain bores have 3.25" bores and 2 5/8" hub lengths. The two that are bushed have 2.75" bores and 3" hub lengths. The width of all four sheaves, (at the outside edge) is 1 and 11/16". These all can run both 5/8" and 3/4" wire. These are unused, older surplus, $250 each.

wire rope pulley

Photo below is a solid blue sheave. I have two of these that are identical. These have 15.75" OD and 13.5" ID. The plain bore is 3.25" and the hub OD is 4.75". The hub length is 2" and the width of the sheave (at the outside edge is 1.8"). These will run either 3/4" or 7/8" wire rope. BOTH SOLD.

wire rope pulley

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