Northwest 41D Dragline

Northwest 41D Dragline, two drum, two sheave point, fairlead, NOTE* tagline shown has been sold, capsule cab with air conditioning (A/C not working), air high-back seat, air controls. 1978 model, serial # 27283, 30 tons, 60' boom (bolt together?), Murphy Diesel 4 cyl. runs fairly well, slow turning and quiet (believed that one injector is leaking air back into fuel system). Catwalk and ladder (to the roof) on the operators side. Boom looks good, not all banged up. We have a pallet of extra frictions and filters for this machine. Machine has 36" pads I think.

Fairly clean engine room, was once painted white. Some wear to just about every part on it, some more than others), works well, lifts fairly heavy objects and sets them down easy(18,000-20,000 pound anchors and winches). Under carriage looks good and works very well, cuts well. Not independent travel, not independent boom hoist. Fold down gantry, removable counterweight. Will truck in one piece, less tip and center section.

Some air pistons or valves need reworking, preventing some functions from engaging all the time.

Machine would have to be rebuilt to be put back into commercial duty cycle work. Good yard crane.



Catwalk, boom angle indicator and roof ladder on operators side showing

Northwest 41D Dragline Crane

Fairlead and tagline winder showing

Triple C Marine Salvage Northwest Crane lifting 18,000 pounds

Lifting 20,000 pound winch with four part block.

Northwest Crane dashboard and air controls

Dashboard / Air controls

Triple C Marine Salvage used marine equpiment

Air ride seat in an air conditioned capsule cab (a/c not checked out)

Triple C Marine Salvage Morgan City Louisiana

Lifting 18,000 pound anchor with four part block.

Crawler Crane Lifting 18,000 pound anchor

Northwest 41D

northwest 41D

northwest 41D

northwest 41D

northwest 41D

northwest 41D