220 Koehring Truck Crane

• 371 Detroit Diesel in upper
• 6v53 Detroit diesel in lower
• Down and out hydraulic outriggers, air brakes, good transmission
• 1971 Model
• 20 ton crane
• Third drum
• Telescoping boomstops
• Fairlead
• Drag bucket
• Clam bucket
• Pile lead
• Drag laggings
• Tagline winder
• Many small parts
• approx. 40 of pin together angle iron boom (basic 30' plus one 10' insert)
• ex-Louisiana State Highway Department / one owner
• Low mileage truck carrier
• Needs a throw-out bearing/yoke on engine PTO in crane
• Outriggers didn't work right (electrical problem)
• Can start bottom engine from crane for hydraulics on outriggers, which also have controls in crane
• Crane has manual mechanical type control levers

Extra parts machine w/boom available locally (cheap) (can buy just boom or just anything).
You could conceivably unbolt the outrigger units (2 ea, one front, one back) and un-bolt the axle springs and the fenders and have the crane only mounted to two long I-beams that are ready to be weldeed down to the deck of your barge. In this manner you don't have to do much to up-grade the internals of the barge to support a crane on it. This alone is worth more than the asking price. Then you can sell the lower engine and transmission, the axles and the outriggers.

Price $9,000

220 Koehring Truck Crane For Sale by Triple C Marine Salvage

Triple C Marine Salvage Koehring Truck Crane with 371 Detroit Diesel Upper and 6v53 Detroit Diesel in lower

Triple C Marine Slavage 20 ton truck crane for sale

Photo below is of the local "parts" machine which is available also (cheap).
Owner will sell boom or any part of it, or whole unit, less upper engine (gone)
Triple C Marine Salvage truck crane with low mileage