2003 Komatsu
FG25, 5000 pound forklift
LPG System, 487.2 hours, indoor kept, like new
Full free lift, see through, three stage mast with 188" lift height and 48" side shift forks. Owners manual/maintenance manual included. 42" wide fork carriage.

Large solid pneumatic tires (Tong Tires).
The tires installed are the most expensive of the different tire options for this model lift.

Options include Cascade Side shift, 48" forks rather than 42", LPG system rather than gasoline, Automatic transmission with torque converter rather than standard shift with clutch, three stage mast rather than single stage, full free lift and the special tires.

Air tires can be placed on these rims.

Transmission oil and engine oil (and filters) changed on 3/24/06 at 487.1 hours, with genuine Komatsu filters. Transmission screen removed, checked and cleaned (nothing in it at all). Transmission fluid looked like brand new even though it was original oil (as per prior owner). Engine oil looked fine, had approx 287 hours on it.

No leaks, no weeps, no drips, no smoke, no knocks, idles well, shifts well, brakes work well, emergency brake holds well, all lights work fine and bright, hydraulics are strong and work well. Original paint with no touch-ups, no welds, minor scuffs, mostly on counterweight. No tears in seat, minimal wear, looks fine. Seat belt works good and is clean. Minor scuffs behind seat from chain being kept (stored) there.


$18,000 F.O.B. Broussard, LA 70518
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