Kubota KX-101

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Serial number 11671.
Delivered to Coastal Rentals, Pensacola Florida on 1/25/95.
It has a 4 cylinder Kubota Diesel engine, 36.6 hp.
Runs well, does not smoke at all.
Everything works right, I have been using it frequently, it is very handy.&
It weighs approx. 7400 pounds.
It has an articulating boom base and two travel speeds and extra hydraulic circuit to the bucket for tools or a thumb.
I believe the bucket is 18 inches w/ four teeth.
Can dig about 10.1 feet deep.
Most comparable Bobcat model would be a 331, which would be a little smaller than this one here (I think).
The tracks are rubber and are fair and should last for awhile (300 x 41 x 109 QN Bridgestone).
It has a push blade also.
The controls are two pattern switch able from seat.
The consoles adjust to operators arm length.
Has canopy ROPS.
Uses very little fuel and does not leak a drop of anything anywhere.
Pins, boom, bucket and turntable are all tight.
Painted, two tone.
New tracks are quoted at $1868 per side from the local Kubota Dealer or $2313 for both sides delivered to here from McLaren (part #G18741).
Tracks are 175.9" long, 11.8" wide, 3.3" high, 4.29 pitch, 41 lugs, .98" lug height.
Also tracks are available from for $870/side, add $140 freight.
Also available from: for $1,015 per side delivered here.
Also available from
Also available from for $1050/side, add $72 freight to here.
Comes with shop service manual, which is very expensive ($300?)
Located in Broussard, LA yard (5917 Hwy 90E.) Asking price is $15,500.
Contact us at 985-384-9517