Watertight Steel Hatches And Scuttles

These are unused new surplus from Halter Shipbuilding.
Description and pricing by item number follows picture.
Contact: @ (985) 384-9517

Item # Description

1-2) 24" x 30" x 36" tall, Watertight steel scuttle, 6 ea. Drop bolts, hinged cover, $500ea. both sold.

3) 36" round steel scuttle, watertight 30" tall, 5 drop bolts ( 4 missing), hinged cover with slotted blade, $400

4-6) 36" x 48" Flush multi-bolt equipment hatch, Steel plate with stainless steel counter-sunk flat head allen bolts. Watertight. Covers are 1/2" thick, rings are 1" thick, Two recessed handles on each, primer paint, new, unused, $500 ea. ALL 3 SOLD

7-8) 2ea. 17" clear opening, Steel flush hatch, round, quick acting- 3 dog, hinged cover,topside- slotted dog stud (accepts T-wrench), bottomside - hand wheel. New, unused, primer painted $200ea. ONE LEFT

9) (This item is cross-listed on the Aluminum Hatch page) Oval flush hatch- Primer painted steel coaming, aluminum hinged cover- spring balanced, clear opening 22.5" x 16", four dog, quick acting, bottom side handwheel, slotted dog stud topside requires T-wrench. New, unused SOLD

10) (This item is also cross-listed on the Aluminum Hatch page) Oval flush hatch.Baier, Portland, Or.. Patent # 3209663. Wrench type, hinged aluminum cover on galvanized steel coaming. New, unused. Quick action design SOLD