Timberland Waterfall Winch
Timberland Model 69-11638, serial number HR3-3-363, 3 drum, 10,000 pound single line pull, at 270 feet per minute, waterfall winch, 3rd drum removable. No engine currently. Similar in quality to other well known hoists such as American, Skagit and Clyde. Has external (contracting) brake bands and internal (expanding) friction shoes. All bands with good material on them. All drums with manually operated drum pawls and brakes. Frictions operated with electric solenoids or magnets. Require 12v (I think) to operate. Operators platform bolts on and is removable. Unit is complete with skid for welding down to barge and has four lifting eyes in the two drum configuration and six in the three drum No chain box required as main shaft has v-belt pulley with four grooves. Originally powered with a 6 cylinder gasoline engine of 95 horsepower. We have purchased a new drive pulley to match. The Timberland Group of companies is located in Canada and is today an industry leader in winches as well as other lines. Check out their website at www.timberland.on.ca
Needs paint badly.

Drum length 29.75", flange height 7", drum diameter 12.5"
Approximate spooling capacities per drum (x3):

  • 3756.3' of 1/2"
  • 2465' of 5/8"
  • 1738' of 3/4"

Factory has sent me an email indicating the following:
  • 3/4" rope - 10,000slp @ 270fpm (2nd layer)
  • 8,300 slp @330fpm (4th layer)
  • 7,100 slp @ 380 fpm (6th layer)
  • Line pull and speed vary slightly with 5/8" and 7/8" ropes.
  • Was originally sold with 363 cu/in 6 cylinder Ford diesel of 95hp.

Contact: at (985) 384-9517
Priced as-is at $5,900
See below for correspondence w/factory.
Thanks for the inquiry. I couldn't find the original work order file, but was able to track down an old brochure which had your hoist information on it.
3/4" Rope 10,000 lbs. @ 270 fpm (2nd layer)
8,300 lbs. @ 330 fpm (4th layer)
7,100 lbs. @ 380 fpm (6th layer)
Linepull and speed change slightly with 5/8" or 7/8" wire rope. Let me know what rope dia. you are using and I'll confirm the information. Your hoist was originally sold with a 363 cubic inch, 6-cylinder Ford diesel engine (approximately 95 HP).